Excerpt from “The Existentialist Cookbook of Jean-Paul Sartre” – Egg Nog

Egg Nog

4 cups of milk
12 egg yolks
vanilla extract
a large bottle of rum
cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg

1. Crack eggs and separate the yolk from the white. Consider the lost potential of each egg.
2. Heat milk and spices on a low flame, careful not to scorch the mixture as it roils languidly before you.
3. Attempt to see your reflection in the now dirty-looking milk.
4. If you catch a glimpse of your true self, stop the process and begin again.
5. In a large bowl, combine the yolks and the sugar. Beat it, as if it had been bad.
6. Reduce heat on the stove to just under a crisis of faith.
7. Add the yolk mixture to the milk and cook for three minutes. If it turns to quiche, you have failed and should begin again.
8. Drink half the bottle of rum.
9. Pour the remaining rum, along with the cream, into the hot mixture and whisk until thick.
10. Let cool, like a love affair that has outlived its season.
11. Howl at the injustice of the transitory nature of love.
12. Drink with friends.

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