i’m not praying

I’m not praying for the victims of gun violence in America or the refugees or for Sandra Bland. I’m not praying for my daughter or for myself. I don’t pray for anyone; I don’t believe in God.

I don’t believe that there is a magical force out there who is going to show up and make everything better. I don’t believe that there is a good place for good people and a bad place for bad people. I believe that we create our heavens and hells right here on Earth, every day, in what we do and in what we fail to do. It’s our choice and it is our burden.

I believe that this life is it. We are it. It’s happening now. And we’re blowing it. When you pray, you abandon your responsibility for creating a better world. You ask someone else to take care of things. You ask someone else to fix it for you. You are bigger than that, and you are better than that. You have the power to make this world a better place.

I guess if I had to pray, I’d pray that you realize that.


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